Iris Ministry


A couple weeks ago I was able to visit Iris Ministry here in Tana. I was able to learn more about what they are doing here in Tana. 


They help and support close to 150 children. They have 5 houses; one is for the infants and toddlers, one for the boys and three for the girls. I was able to visit 4 out of 5 of the houses.  


My highlight of the visit was spending some time with the little kids, watching them play outside and taking their photos. They loved getting their picture taken. 


They also have a school for the kids to attend.  


Every Wednesday morning they have their milk program ministry. Local families with babies come to receive some powdered milk. They also weigh the babies to make sure they are getting enough food.  


Every Friday afternoon they also have a ministry at a local dump. I’m hoping to visit them during that ministry