Youth of Madagascar

I had this idea for a while now, to write up a blog all about the young adults that I know and love from Madagascar. These young adults are amazing! I have known most of them here since they were very little. It's been amazing to see them grow into such amazing young people. Now you have the chance to get to know them a little bit through this blog!

Sahaza - 18

Sahaza is in her second year of studying English and Law, at the local University. 

She loves classic movies (we watched some while I was there). Her English is amazing (it was so much fun to communicate in English with her)! She is an amazing singer! She has a huge love for her family, and helping to take care of her three younger brothers. 

Instagram account: @tsanta_sahaza

Languages: Malagasy, French, English

I have known Sahaza since she was around 1 or so. This last trip though, we really connected more and were able to have some amazing, long talks, mostly in English. Talks about life, America, photography, music, movies, etc. 

Fitahiana - 16

Fita is a senior in high school. 

He is a great artist, drawing sketches (he drew two for me that I love). He enjoys photography. He has an amazing sense of clothing style! He is Sahaza's younger brother. 

Instagram account: @tony_yzl

Languages: Malagasy, French

I remember when Fita was just a baby. And as he grew up, he would always follow me around. He loved hanging out with me, and having me play outside with him and his cousins. I enjoyed so much this last time with Fita. We did a lot of photography together. It was great to work with him because he also threw in some great ideas for photos, and his style is really awesome!

Hasina - 17 

Hasina just recently finished his senior year of high school.

Languages: Malagasy, French

He loves art, especially photography. The day we met, in Sahaza and Fita's family countryside (Hasina is their cousin), he loved watching me take photos, and had all kinds of questions. I could tell he was eager to learn. 

Jenny - 17

Jenny just recently finished her senior year of high school. 

She has an amazing love for the Lord. She is leading the children's club that I started back in 2003, which she attended. She has a big heart for little kids. She hopes to study abroad one day. She also enjoys playing the guitar and singing. 

Instagram account: @jen_hye_12

Languages: Malagasy, French, English

It really encourages me and makes my heart happy with seeing Jenny leading the kids club. I started it back in 2003, and she and her siblings and cousins would attend it every week. Now she, with the help of others, are leading other kids in their neighborhood. She has such a big heart for others and loves serving. 

Miandritiana - 19

He's looking into schools abroad, to further his studies. 

He is great musician, singing and playing the guitar. Has an amazing love for his little brother, loving on him and helping to take care of him. He loves football (soccer) and playing it with his brother and cousins. 

Instagram: @miandritiana 

Languages: Malagasy, French


Ranto - 20

Ranto is in his third year of studying Law at the local University.

He loves music, and enjoys photography. He has an amazing sense of style and a great smile!

I remember when he was little, and he would come over to Jenny and Miandritiana's house (he's their cousin), playing and running around!

Karen - 17

Karen is in her senior year of high school.

Karen's English is amazing! She loves classic movies, and has a great eye for photography. She has an amazing heart and love for her country and the children. 

Instagram: @karen_andrianaivo

Languages: Malagasy, French, English

I remember when Karen would attend the children's club I held back in 2003. It's fun to see her grow up and to spend more time with her, talking about the things we love...Madagascar and photography!

Nancy - 17

Nancy is studying her first year of Law at the local University.

She is a great musician! She loves playing the guitar and drums, especially with her brother Princy. 

Languages: Malagasy, French

I remember Nancy when she was just a little thing. She always loved playing with her cousins and singing!

Princy - 22

He is in his 6th year of studying Medicine at the local University, to become a doctor.

He is a great musician, playing the guitar and singing! Ever since I knew him at a young age, he always loved learning. He has a big heart for other people. 

Instagram: @pricnyadolf

Languages: Malagasy, French

I remember when I first started living in Madagascar. Princy would come to my room and visit me. At the time I didn't know any Malagasy or French. He would come though, and start speaking French to me, talking about all kinds of things. He would be there for a long time, though I didn't really say much, he still loved hanging out. 

Kezia - 22

She is working right now as a recruitment officer at a company in Tana, called OMT (OutreMer Telecom). 

Languages: Malagasy, French, English

I was able to visit and hang out a couple times with Kezia this last time I was there. She wanted to hang out and practice her English.

Kezia and her brothers would come to the children's club that I had started, when they were younger. 

The photo above was taken back in 2005, of Sahaza, Jenny and Fitahiana. I love this photo of them, and their adorable smiles! 

I first met these young adults back when they were babies and toddlers back in 1999. I love how we have been able to keep in touch and still have a good relationship. Since I moved back to the states, we have still been in touch often, more now than before. And I'm thankful for the time I was able to spend with all of them during my last trip. And I look forward to the day I get to hang out with them again. 

Misaotra betsaka ianaoreo t@ ny fotoana isika! Tena mahafinaritra be ianareo rehetra sady cool be! Tiako be ianaoreo!