Village: Ambodijorofo

I found out Saturday evening that I was going to have the opportunity to go to another village, Sunday morning. I made sure all of my camera equipment was packed and all my batteries were charged and ready to go.

I was excited to venture out to another village again. This is yet another one I have visited, back in 2013. 

The church in this village was having a weekend long celebration. Even other church leaders from nearby villages come to attend the time. 


It takes around 1 hour to get to this village, with only having to walk around 5-10 minutes. You should be able to get to this village within a half hour or less, but because of the bad roads, it take a bit longer.


It had been raining a lot there, so the roads were pretty muddy and slippery. When we started walking, we had to be careful not to slip and fall. Thankfully it only sprinkled a couple of times, shortly, while we were there.

I really enjoyed the time in this village. I not only was able to take photos of the area, the kids hanging around, and the church leaders, but I was able to have a few minutes to encourage the congregation as well. 

We even ate lunch together after the service. Everyone brought their own food with them. And the people from that village, they covered an area of the church floor with large banana tree leaves, laying down piles of rice. They each had a bowl which had their 'laoka' (the food eaten with rice: i.e. beans, veggies, meat, etc.) in it and would enjoy their lunch that way. This was usually done whenever there was a big event, a feast, a wedding...eating all together as one. 

I hope to get back to this village again before I leave, so that I can share to them the photos that I took. 

There is a funny story about this adorable little boy (pictured above). He didn’t mind me at all taking his photo. He laughed each time he saw himself on the camera. Later, my friend Victor took a photo of me with him and a few other kids. After that photo, I wanted to take a photo of just him and I….he didn’t like that. He didn’t scream, but he ran off. I said it’s okay, no problem!