Beach life.

I have been to the beach a couple times now since I’ve been here. Most was just to bring the kids and play in the sand. 

The other evening though I went with my friend Douce and the kids to walk along the shore. It was about sunset, the weather was beautiful, the sun was about to set and I loved hearing the waves crash against the sand. This was the first time I took my camera along. Even though my battery died before We got back home, I still was able to get some great shots of the beach. I look forward to getting back soon and get some more shots.

I could go to the beach every day and not get tired of it. Being in Tennessee we don’t get to the beach as often as we would like, so to have it here so close, I try to go as often as I can. 

We had a bit of an adventure though at the end of our walk. I wish that my battery hadn’t died, so I could have gotten it on film (next time I need to check my battery life:).

As we were about to head back home, we noticed a couple of guys that had been walking their small herd of zebu, there on the beach. We weren’t super close to them, but one started getting upset, started jumping around and running away from the guy. As we weren’t sure which direction the zebu was headed, we ran the opposite direction, as fast as our feet could take us. 

Photo above: Jo, Ariel, Sharone and Douce

Some of us were laughing, some screaming and some were tripping and falling in the sand. We go far enough away from the zebu to be out of harms way, though we kept looking back every few seconds to make they weren’t coming back in our direction. 

We laughed about it all once we got home and were thankful that nobody was hurt.

Another day while I was at the beach, and this time there weren’t any zebu’s running wide this time, but I fell into a booby trap. It was literally a booby trap!!! I was walking in the sand and all of a sudden my right leg fell into a large hole in the sand. It was up past my knee. As I had help getting out of the hole, there were some small pieces of wood in the hole and pieces of plastic as well. Those things were covering the hole, so all you could see was the sand. As I pulled my leg out, my sandal had fallen off and we had to dig to find it. 

Fun times at the beach here in Tamatave!