A small getaway.

Before we had the big missionary gathering in Tana we decided to take a long weekend and go to a nice beach area and stay in a bungalow a couple of nights. Victor and his family deserved a couple days off, they have been working really hard with a busy schedule lately. We all deserved a little time to just relax and not think about too much, and enjoy the surrounding. 

We went to an area called Mahambo, which is a little over two hours away. I’ve been there multiple times before in the past, on small getaways, but it had been over eight years that I hadn’t been. Mahambo has an assortment of bungalows to stay in, some of them right on the fresh white sandy beaches. We were blessed to have a bungalow so close to the beach, you literally thought the waves were coming right up to your door. 

The kids were so excited and wanted to swim once we arrived. They stayed for hours out in the water or playing in the sand while there. 

We were thankful that we had beautiful weather that weekend, as it was raining a lot the week prior in town. 

I would wake up early in the morning, sometimes before most of the others, and go and sit and have my quiet time…just gazing at the ocean in front of me. 

And the sunsets on the beach, they were amazing!! God’s creation is all around us and when we take time to really enjoy it, and soak it in…it’s breathtaking.

The area where we stayed, was very peaceful and calm. There weren’t that many people around, so at times, we had the beach to ourselves!

If you walked down the beach around 5 minutes you came upon a bunch of black rocks. Most of them were right there on the shore. Some of the rocks, that didn’t have much algae on them, we were able to climb on a bit. The kids even found some small tide pools and found small fish and a sea urchin. There was even one tide pool, closer to the shore, that had a few dead fish and shrimp floating in it. They had gotten trapped in that little pool and couldn’t go anywhere. 


The three days in Mahambo went by a bit too fast, we didn’t really want to leave. Maybe we will have the chance to go again one day.