the coast was calling me.

I recently got to go back home to California for a visit. The 10 days went by way too fast though, but I enjoyed every minute of it!! I always love visiting the west coast, because it is the best coast!

I hadn't been back to my hometown in around two years, so it was great to see it all again. I loved seeing old friends again, hanging out, talking, catching up, and definitely getting to the beach, Morro Bay and Avila. 

This photo above was in Morro Bay, that's part of the famous Morro Rock. We started coming here to this beach when we were kids. My Dad worked in this town, and so we would come here often. 

This trip, we went with some good friends of ours. We first walked up to Black Hill and had an amazing view of the city. After we had some amazing California Mexican food, we went over to the rock. We ended up not staying too long, the weather wasn't the best that evening. The wind was crazy and was colder than we thought it would be. 

While there though, I got to see some kite surfers for the first time. There were a few of them out there. The weather for them was perfect, with the strong wind, they were gliding all over the place out there. 

This shot above was taken at the top of Black Hill. Morro Rock was behind us, and this view was of the Estuary and the town of Los Osos in the distance. I would go to the Estuary as a kid as well, and I used to live in Los Osos for around 6 months. I loved living there, even for a short time, my siblings and cousins and I would walk to the beach, or to the little store and buy a snack.

There were a lot of sailboats around the bay. We got to back to Morro Bay, with better weather, and walk down the Embarcadero and get some fresh seafood. 

This shot above, was taken at a small beach area we stopped at in Ventura, on our way up the coast. It was the first beach of our trip. We sat for a bit and soaked in all it's beauty. 

We stayed with our dear close friends while up in Paso Robles, and they took us to Avila beach to hang out. I remember going here as well as a kid. There was a really cool place, to the far right, on the other side of the pier. The water there was a lot calmer for us to play and swim in. We would bring our picnic lunches and be there for most of the day. 

At the end of our time, we got to visit my sister's godson, Belgee and his amazing family. She hadn't see him in 4 years. He was SO excited to see her and couldn't wait to hang out with her for a day. 

So, though I wish it could have been a longer vacation, I was happy to have the time I did. Thanks everyone for opening up your hearts and homes to us!